18hp I C Briggs running on full choke only, what I did to fix it

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18hp I/C Briggs running on full choke only & what I did to fix it.


Nathawesome 2025 says:

Mine did that too. Mine is just like that, except I used Seafoam and that seemed to work.

M H says:

I put a new carburetor and the the tractor won't run it starts up but won't idle up barely runs its building up a lot of carbon I have tried everything do you think its a head gasket or a camshaft I have good spark new carburetor new fuel solenoid adjusted the valves I need help or any ideas you might have thanks for your time it's a 17.5hp engine models 31c707 briggs stratton engine

Adam Sturdevant says:

Cool I love the old Flathead Engine I have this one! Is yours 16 or 18 Horsepower? thanks

Keith cerce says:

retorque the head bolts, apparently just enough to get the gasket to stop leaking. good idea. mine don't leak but at 12 years old I should check those bolts while its apart

novaculus says:

Happy to find this older video. My old Briggs just did the same thing. I did a full fuel system cleanup at the end of last summer and it ran fine but wanted a little choke to develop full power. The third time I ran it this spring it did exactly what E-dawg's engine did. I removed and inspected the carb and all seems in order.

I'm going to check head gaskets tomorrow.

Sheena Grant says:

can an opposing twin be converted to gravity feed?

Lee K says:

seeing as the breather is hooked up to the carb you would think the fuel pump is on it`s way out or new hose and clamps but the piston compression being part of the blow by makes a lot of sense good job if my new pump kit don`t work I'm going to check the heads before hand now thx!!

Pro1er says:

I have an 18.5 B&S IC model 42A707 that looks just like yours. The same thing happened to me today. I'm going to check the head bolts but don't have a manual. What are the torque specs for the head bolts?

David Luther says:

I had the same problem it only runs on choke and I put new gaskets on the carb and the fuel pump its still Will only run on choke what should I do ???

papa54320 says:

I have one that has a problem with the silinoid, its 13 on a tag along with a 6 foot cut., now after a couple years not being run its out covered up and doing nothing. I also have a Cub Cadet 18 hore hydrostatic and it quit a long time ago.. when I removed the brather I could see 1 butterfly was stuck in the carb barrel 2 screws had fallen into the boreand didn't do much but I think if I ever get into it I might find my screws burnt to a cripst.

pappawheely says:

it happened to me once before, I took it into the shop he said he couldnt fix the carb for some reason so I had to put a new carb on and it ran great for 5 years and now, the same thing….so in my case, It wasn`t the head gasket..a comment here said sucking too much air hmmm maby a gasket in the carb….more research thanks for video

Larry Kemp says:

Sucking to much air the average Joe Blow would have threw it away I'm glad you fixed it too many wasteful people in this world

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