2011 lawn boy fixed

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Well I am sad to give this one back I really like it, I do my best to keep it going that being I a few years seeing it won’t go into the scrap yard. Over all it looks to be a good mower it’s not quiet a year old but I know why it needed service; improper storage and care. There the people like many others that just give em gas and expect it run for 10+ years only a true and OLD Briggs could do that, but there not alone many a fokes do movers that way and it is great for me! 🙂


Aquisha Atlas says:

How do u start u
It up u didnt show

TheMCLiggit says:

terrible video. title doesn't reflect what I. came to see. you basically show a mower and it's parts, not any of the trouble shooting or actual repairs.

Haneef Anver says:

Waste of time

Nancy Yancy says:

Hi, can you help me with my lawn mower. I have a 149 cc without the auto drive, its about 2-3 years old.

J.R. Zippie says:

sadley to say….you have said a lot about nothing…..what have you accomplished here??? you have fixed nothing….WTF?

Austin Kollman says:

How do you take the carburetor off and fix it where it won't die after being started? I have the exact same mower.

snarlingrabiddog5150 says:

You did a really nice presentation on this mower. Thanks for the upload 🙂

snarlingrabiddog5150 says:

You're really never supposed to tilt a lawnmower gas and filter-side down. When you do that, gas and oil can ruin the filter, screw up the carb and make it hard to start. Nice mower.

Jon3800 says:

Either check your sparkplug or check for spark. Changing the oil will keep your engine clean but has nothing to do with not starting

Mr3wheeledbike says:

so need a stop of help or think you can figure it out?

Mr3wheeledbike says:

@dquad i have to say this one starts up first pull every time i so proud

dquad says:

I know what you mean about briggs going for ever, our main ride on mower is like 14 years old and we hardly ever change the oil – but we keep it topped up. It runs every time.

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