5600 Watt Generator Won’t Start

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This video shows what I had to do to get a stubborn 5600 watt 10 HP generator started. It was the 10HP Briggs and Stratton motor that had issues.
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Brian Buskey says:

alright dudes

JON Gergeceff says:

Great video and great resources, thank you very much.

George Handler says:

This was the exact problem my generator had. Thanks!

Joe Rothrock says:

Thanks. That's great

pa bits berry says:

i have the same lift table with the exact same piece of plywood installed on it .

Steve Giroux says:

Awesome to know i have a generator it doesnt start but when it does it knocks a little 3500 to 5000 Honda. Ill have to inspect the OHV that might be the culprit.

skern002 says:

Bruce thanks for the video. I have the same generator and it runs well but if I have this problem I will know where to look.

John Clarke says:

I always shut down my generators with the fuel shutoff valve, as if it did not even have an in ignition kill switch. When i got my last generator an 11 up Briggs 4500w generator, I adjusted the OHV valves as a part of the 1st oil change. This way I will not have to mess with them for quite a while. They were a little looser than factory specs for that engine, so I am glad I did it. I will recheck them at 100 hours. I now have 50 hours on the generator. I use Pennzoil Platinum, 10W-30 oil in all of my four cycle equipment and generally change it if it darkens up or 25 hours, whichever comes first.

Malcolm Young says:

learnt something new today, Thanks Bruce…

Jorge Sanchez says:

Great Video. Came in very handy to fix our generator. I have a question, where can I get this rolling cart/table that you have the generator on – very cool table that you can bring up and down.

RockyTop1911 says:

Great vid!!!!!!!!

Antonio Guerrero says:

Help!! I have the same genorator, wont start.. not getting any comoression!! Any solutions?

Marty Marsh says:

Great job, and great attention to detail.

Mason Nesson says:

It's Alive , lol ha ha ha too funny dude

Robert Mattison says:

For my two cents. I really like your video a lot. The one man camera was great work on the fly. I like the fast forward part and the graphic aka: words lay over the video.
I would had like to heard more on what cause the valve problem. But you rate a A+.
Hope to find more of your video. Yes I know this was Published on July 7, 2014 and I am watching your video on Wednesday; August 16, 2017 in Manchester, Vermont.

zani chh says:

could you tell me the name of instrument whom you find on check chart or fix exaust

John Clarke says:

It is .004 on the intake and .006 on the exhaust. If yu set the exhaust to tight you can burn it.

thatguy1128 says:

Mr. Pender, I have a generator that surges when running. I have replaced the carb and re-adjusted the governor. I also cleaned out the gas tank and put fresh gas in it with no luck. It does run better with the choke all the way on. Any suggestions?

ElCineHefe says:

you might have an emergency genny but if it stops, do you have the important spare parts and know how to get it running again? this is that video!

Gordon Willoughby says:

If the generator with error codes doesn't have a reset button does it have a battery to start the generator? If it does disconnect the battery for about 30 seconds when the generator isn't running then reconnect it. This might reset the display. You could also try disconnecting the display if possible for about 30 seconds and reconnect.

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