Ariens Lawnmower Kohler Courage XT-6 Hard To Start

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FunnyMasta10 says:

I have found a replacement forward and reverse shifter to ease the effort. The 10mm adapter included fits perfectly.>>>  Very easy to shift between Forward, Neutral and Reverse. Alloy Shift Knob Car Accessories Long Aluminum Manual or Automatic Boots Shifter Head (Red)

nimmlimmlen says:

Dude you saved my ass with this video. I had my whole mower torn apart and put back together, no start. Went down the YouTube wormhole and here you are with your miraculous ass. Cheers!

Juniper Lemuel Jingco says:

what is he spraying on it?

Randy Spates says:

I cant get mine started even following you sammy please help

NewToHomeBrew Tom says:

get a goat bud 🙂

Homebrew Chris says:

Out with the snow blower in with the lawnmower.

Steve Moulson says:

At least you got her going in the end, you'll need another beer and sit down after all that pulling .

Chris Meek says:

You ever watch an air filter go up in flames by using starting fluid.  Believe me it can happen, Sammy.  lol.  Cheers Sammy!!

Rookie DIY says:

Nice work Sammy. Got the b!+€# started. Cheerz!

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