Briggs and Stratton 550EX Won’t Start

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The Briggs and Stratton 550 EX With The New Plastic Style Carburetor wont start and needs a good going through. In this video we will drain the old gas and remove and clean the carburetor bowl and Jet. If you need to replace the jets instead of cleaning them the part number is Briggs PN: 592792.

Marketed as:
The 550ex Series™ Push Mower Engine. Powerful, yet economical. Performance and value rolled up into one unbeatable package.
Overhead Valve (OHV) Engine Design
OHV engines run cooler and cleaner for better fuel economy and longer engine life.
ReadyStart® Engine Starting System
No prime, no choke, no worries. Just pull for power.
Starts in 2 attempts – or B&S fix it for free.*

Briggs and Stratton 550EX Lawn Mower engine on a Yard Machines walk behind mower won’t start. This video shows how to service the carburetor, and drain the old yellow gas. These engines are used on many mowers including: Yard Machines, Craftsman, Briggs and Stratton and many more. Troy Bilt MTD Craftsman


Larry Martin says:

Of course the repair video was stellar and your instructions worked like a charm. However, I found the greatest value in your existential comments at the end of your presentation. With a little introspection, aided by some incense and candles, (SAFTEY NOTE: Keep the incense far, FAR away from the dad gum gasoline!! Ouch!) I found that it no longer even necessary to murder the innocent blades of grass. Thanks to you, I am now free from the vicious cycle of committing weekly 'lawnocide'! (Side Note: Could you maybe put together some teaching about the zen of dealing with 'Chiggers'?!?!) ; – )

smply amzng says:

Mine ran off the starter fluid for a second and I did your procedure but it still doesn't run! What else could be wrong?

jimeno726 says:

Fixed! Not to mention I was so motivated by the ending that I even mowed my neighbors lawn!

RandomThoughts says:

Loved the ending voiceover.

Fernando Manriquez says:

Great ending. Followed the directions and my lawn mower works again. Thank you.

Donnie Downer says:

Great but my new Poulan Pro is a month old.and it wont fully start after primed!!!!

Lreb Sten says:

I bought a brand new Briggs and Stratton 550E 140cc Yard Machine mower. I do not live near a dealer and the 800 number was of no help – I live in a rural area.
When the mower came by UPS I noticed it was prefilled from the manufacturer. It seemed too high, but not being mechanically savvy and siphoning out the excess oil, I used it anyway. It worked once.
The second time, the pull coil locked up and I saw tell tale signs of oil leaking out.
I removed the spark plug – it was brand new. I removed the housing case and checked the coil pull and it was fine. When I released the brake and tried to turn the motor by hand, it would not budge. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Brad Jones says:

You are the man! Worked like a champ!

mark rush says:

brian posehn?

Ron Morning says:

Great video, I followed it and fixed my lawn mower. THANKS

Taylor Smith says:

Followed the video and instructions, filled it up and gas is leaking out of the carburetor bowl thing. Any tips to get it to seal better?

Bill Brown says:

HONDA HRX 217 "like new" in Las Vegas only for $400 cash.
Converted yard to "desert landscape".
Leave contact info if interested.

may dang says:

good quality.narrative

A. Lamkin says:

Hey, like the video. Followed instructions. Thought I was on my way to mechanic notoriety. But now i have a gas leak? What did I f up? Please help.

It'sjustme says:

I have an identical mower to yours. Won't. Start. I'll be over in an hour lol. Thanks for this video!

DRock6906 says:

"Lefty loosy/righty tighty" 🙂 I have been saying that shit for 40 years whenever I need to loosen or tighten something! Plus I saw a Charlie Brown cartoon when I was younger that had a song called I before E except after C. And I will tell you: Even though I'm an old dude, I still hum that shit in my head when I need to spell receive 🙂

Mats Andresson says:

Love the zen like ending to a great video.

Dell Palmer says:

damn this guys deep!! lol

Melanie Vendetti says:

You're a funny dude.

Laura Jones says:

You're funny

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