Briggs and stratton carb repair wont run without choke REPAIR!

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Just a quick video of a very common problem from the ethanol fuel, its an easy repair.


Joni English says:

Good Video
i have a NEWER Briggs 250 cc Snow engine 15c107-0014-f8
Cleaned the main JET , CLEANED the Emulsion Tube n Now runs surges , CLEANED the JET / Emulsion tube 2nd time ( this time Soaking main CARB housing in CLR 3 hrs / then soaked in Varsol 8 hrs !!!!!!!
Still running Surge ( NOT AS MUCH NOW ) runs better 1/2 choke ?????

Joe Cable says:

I had this problem after changing out the Carb and Coil drain the gas tank refill with ethanol-free gas. Still same problem so only thing left to check was the fuel pump so I bought one of those. All along my problem was the vacuum was not working on the fuel pump to pump enough fuel. Check the fuel pump lines coming from tank and going to carb and the vacuum

welostourdemocracy says:

I'm confused at 2:44. With the float dropped/lowered, it lets in the fuel. With it up/raised it cuts off the fuel. It seems to me you said just the reverse. With that rubber seat swollen as you said, wouldn't that close off the opening even while the float is lowered which is the normal position to allow fuel in?

William Schloendorn says:

Great video. The only video I have seen that imparts that the float needs to be level. This addressed my problem. Thank you!

cblair0608 says:

Great video, describes my problem exactly.  Going to look at my float tomrow.  Thanks.

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