Carburetor Cleaning & TUNE-UP of Toro 6.5HP Lawnmower with Tecumseh Engine

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Melanie Dunn says:

This was a great video. I broke my machine down and replaced the o-ring that had corroded and it started right up! Thanks.

purple guy. says:

Every now and then my mower making back fireing noise when i start it,any idea ?

MrKermit00 says:

Thank you …you was a lot of help

alderete74 says:

great vid thanks

mike gentry says:

there is a small rubber seal about 1/8 inch height inside my bowl nut/jet… It's dissolving to the point i cant leave it in … I didnt see that par ton this video….. Maybe it doesnt need it to run ?

idlingdove says:

This is an excellent, well-explained and well-filmed DIY video which enabled me to get an old, poorly-maintained Toro mower up and running again. Thanks a lot!

south florida news now says:

Yo thanks man followed u step by step mower started 1st pull did the whole yard no problems

Andrew Short says:

Thank you! I almost lit my mower on fire and went on a rampage cutting my grass with scissors. You're the best.

Nieves Reyes says:

I have a toro mower, that you have to prime almost 8 times to get it to run, afterwards it runs great and if you shut it off and go to start it again it won't start unless you prime it. the carb has been cleaned, the air filter gasket has been replaced and new spark plug, new fuel and oil any ideas

Chris Nauert says:

Thanks man!!! That little hole in the jet was the one I was missing….just got the lawn mowed before the the cold front! woohooooo!

Daniel Dean says:

I have the same mower, but the gas keeps going into the oil, any ideas??

dick sdan says:

whats underneath the welch plugs on side and bottom

Gordon Newton says:

I have an old Toro that I had trouble starting. Things were going great until I started to reassemble the carb. That's when the needle fell off of the float. I had assumed the needle was firmly attached but I was wrong. There's a little piece of wire attached to the needle but I'm not sure how it connects. Any suggestions?

Edmund Fournier says:

Great vid. Thank you so much. No fuel filter eh? Seems like an oversight on their part.

tbillyjoeroth says:

You've done this before. Very nicely filmed and explained.

cherokeefiddler says:

Donnie, I was given one of these Toro recyclers w/ Tecumseh 6.5hp. It starts easy but runs too slow. I discovered the governor arm was missing from block. (Somebody probably tried adjusting it and let it slip out)? I assume the governor inside is still working and controlling the engine speed. But is there a way to connect my linkages and spring in order to control the throttle. If I attach a "fixed" arm where the broken one used to be would my linkages still work the throttle? I appreciate any thoughts you have on this.

David Camacho says:

I think I have one that's alittle bit older, my does not have a hose attachment. It almost stayed started. It would only turn over everything I would push the red bulb to prime it. It would start and die. It won't start without priming it first. Saw on your video that there is another hole to clean on the fixed jet. Gonna try locating next week. I haven't taken off the bowl yet. Any suggestions to get my toro in perfect Shape? Great video. Got anything more on this toro lawn mower and anything on a poulan briggs stratton 450—4.5 modelling PO 450N20S

Larry Leisuresuit says:

I wish you had posted the actual model number. I have this exact mower but the sticker got damaged that has the info on it, they put it Inside the grass catcher mount on the mower deck. there is a section ripped out from teh bag getting dropped.

I need frnt wheel dr trans info on this.

J&R Contracting says:

what would you use to clean the carburetor?

Freddie Johnson says:

Thanks man, you show step by step in your video's without missing out anything that's why i always watch your video's channels, if i only knew what sizes feeler gauge to use to set the valves clearance on a 6.5hp push mowers

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