Craftsman riding mower fuel problem (solved)

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How to fix the problem of your riding mower acting like it is running out of fuel when it still has a half of a tank.

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Craftsman riding mower fuel problem
(currently running)

Craftsman riding mower fuel problem Tune-up Includes:
• Blade Sharpened and Balanced
• Oil Change
• Inspect Air Filter (replace or clean as needed)
• Replace Spark Plug
• Clean and adjust the carburetor
• Lubrication (cables and grease fittings)
• Adjustments
• Clean off debris
• Replace any in-line fuel filter
• Check any belts for wear
• Conduct operational test

Riding lawn mower (except John Deere)
(currently running)
$199.00 John Deere models $250.00

Tune-up Includes:
• Blade(s) Sharpened and Balanced
• Oil Change
• Inspect Air Filter (replace or clean as needed)
• Replace Spark Plug(s)
• Clean and adjust the carburetor
• Lubrication (cables and grease fittings)
• Adjustments
• Clean off debris
• Replace any in-line fuel filter
• Check belts for wear
• Check tires and inflate to specifications
• Oil filter, if equipped is $18.00 extra
• Conduct operational test

Zero Turn mower
(currently running)

Tune-up Includes:
. same service described for Riding lawn mower

(contact for pricing)
• Belt(s) Replacement
• Blade(s) Replacement
• Tires
• Batteries

Craftsman riding mower fuel problem Denver Aurora

Craftsman riding mower fuel problem Denver Aurora


Lou DeFanti says:

Had the same problem since July 2017, on a Craftsman RER1000 talked to all of the "pros" and could have spent a fortune on everything from gas caps to special test equipment……saved 100+$$ by installing a sheetmetal "spacer" between the fuel line/filter and housing.

Paul Muller says:

the reason it wount not keep running is that the fuel line was below the carb and the gas wont flow uphill

Badger_ Tejon says:

Almost 2 years to the Day. And this Video is Still Helping Others. Don't Break Your Arm Patting Your Self on the Back. Good Find. Thanks For Posting.

ben daniels says:

Holy Shittttttttt Son!!! Blew my mind Amazing!

Allen McKinney says:

Nice to know that. I just got a kohler command 17hp from a friend and being my first kohler I don't know things like this.

Patta Waay says:

Thank you, I have a craftmans LT 1500 same issue

Stephen Rutkowski says:

I had a similar problem on a used LT1000 that I bought recently. But instead of installing a longer fuel line I installed a fuel shutoff valve without accounting for the additional length. The problem didn’t show up until today, when I was down to about 1/4 tank.
Filling the tank immediately filled the fuel filter, and pulling the line back towards the tank took care of the rest.. so far. I’ll see if I have to shorten the line the next time the tank gets low.

Victor Perez Jr says:

Wow!! I've spent so much money on my v-twin Yard Machine tractor. Could not for any reason get it to stay running for more than 5 or 10 mins. Watched your video and wouldn't ya know it, problem solved. Thank you so much for your video. Have a good one!

Brandon Allen says:

I have and MTD lawn tractor with a Briggs & Stratton engine. this mower appears to be doing the same thing. I'm owed for over an hour yesterday without a problem, it had about a quarter of a tank of gas left in it, I shut it down to use my phone, and when I went to restart it would not start no matter what I did. when I opened up the gas tank to look inside the fuel appear to be bubbling backwards up to the fuel line!! So I'm Wonder if I was experiencing a vapor lock due to improper placement of my fuel line??? I've never done any fuel line work on this myself but I got it from some friends and I have no clue what they all did to it

ritesh prasad says:

I really love this lawn mower.>>>  I is easy to manuver and fits in small spaces well . I really does the job well when it comes to picking up leaves. I met my expectations.

David Logan says:

Just want to say thanks for the help & advice!
I've got mine back running again, better than ever actually since this last carb rebuild and linkage fine tuning/adjustment project. I can now run through a big pile of leaves and not have the engine bog down a bit as it did before.

Along the way, I found a super easy, low cost trick to help both of my fairly worn, loose, leaky throttle & choke rods (shafts) that I hope to post to here someday in a video of my own. Both of those air leaks on the sides of the carb's body may have been big contributors to my engines poor performance of course.

I also created a fairly neat, (possibly free) hands free, no spill "funnel" to help refuel my usually otherwise fairly messy, under-the-seat fuel tank too. That may also someday be a new post as well.

I'm also switching to only using 100 Gas from here on out, too.

Thanks again for your help, thoughts & such!!

David Logan says:

I have a similar problem w a Craftsman LT1000, but with mine, it was just the tank that's located under the seat, being set a bit too low in relation to the whole rest of the system.
That, combined with & the tanks fuel line first dipping down low from the tank, then along horizontally across, under the foot- board area,, but then up around the dashboard/fire wall to a retaining clip. At that point, it puts the line up a bit higher than the bottom of the tank!!
Since its a bit higher than the bottom of the tank, the tank never fully drains, and moisture (water) & debris, can get trapped there, so contaminating each refill..
I lowered the line a bit there to below that tanks bottom, and added a basic, good old fashioned glass bowl, "water trap" n line at the bery lowest point of the fuel line run, and also add an inline, glass cylinder, replaceable cartridge type of fuel filter ahead of the trap.
Most times, i can easily clean the fuel cartridge with some compressed air, and reinstall it. Best of all, with both having clear glass, I can easily see if any dirts in the filter, or water/sediment in the bowl etc.

Also, removing the electrical line to the fuel cut off solenoid at the carb, actually doesnt seem like a good idea, as when its unpowered, (de-energized) it "should" cut off the flow of gas to your carb.
Sometimes water gets trapped in the carbs bowl & the solenoids piston (plunger) gets stuck, rusted in the "up", closed position, so cutting off the fuel supply, or it just breaks, etc.
Easy to check it, just jumper a + wire from the battery to the solenoids wire lead, and it "should" make a clicking noise when it opens (pulls down on the plunger). You should be able to feel it snap-open too when its energized (key on, engine running)
No noise = no good usually!

bruce lee says:

Thanks! It was a great help! I did exactly what you showed on video and it started right away. Thank you again!

Brian Eckert says:

Awesome and a great find!!!!!

Lj Gaines says:

I've got the same lawn mower having the same problem that you had replacement gas line Filter and it would run good for a little bit until I guess like you saying till it got warm or hot then it will start heaving took the carburetor apart cleaned it put all new parts gaskets back in it and it done the same thing so I took that line and put it up there where you was talking about and mold my whole damn yard today after I done that so in that funny how little things matter wish I was seen this video earlier have a good and brother

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