Diagnosing Craftsman LT1000 Lawn Tractor Running Rough

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I have a 17 HP OHV 1 Cylinder running rough. Missing and Backfiring through carb. Looking for ideas on what to try/test next.


Duk Balla says:

What a waist of time

John Gabriele says:

Did you ever get it fixed???

Don Edmondson says:

Dirt in the jets clean all the jets in the carb and put in new parts..

nasanction says:

Run some sea foam through it, and put some in the gas. Fixed mine surging.
Apparently the ethanol in the gas gums up the carburetor. If the jet gets partially clogged, the engine runs lean and then rich in a cycle trying to suck the fuel through the smaller jet hole. You can take the carburetor apart and clear all the jets by hand. But Sea Foam is an easy way to fix it.

Tomás Coronado says:

The valve adjustment is the one thing I haven't done yet. Did you fix this issue?

TS O'Day says:

Does the carb have a solinoid on the bottom of the float bowl? I have had those stick and cause this type of thing. Does it run smooth with some Choke?

WarblesOnALot says:

G'day Tom,

Is the Inlet Manifold loose…; that would let it intermittently suck-in too much Air & then run Lean, & occasionally predetonate & backfire…(?).


Ciao !

Tom Burgess says:

If this was a ford I would swear the timing chain had jumped a tooth or stretched, have you checked the cam to crank gears for timing ? good luck

RTT : Guns, Gear & PoliticsTM says:

check compression and leak down. check the fuel filter. I do believe the Briggs & Stranded use plastic gears, so you could be on to something with the timing. The carb could need cleaned, but it is weird that it runs alright sometimes and not others.

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