Fix a Lawnmower That Starts Then Dies Sears Craftsman / Tecumseh With Metal Bowl

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How to fix a lawnmower that dies immediately after starting. It starts with priming but no fuel is getting to the engine. This shows how to clean the main jet on a Craftsman mower with a Tecumseh engine that has a metal bowl with a bolt that serves as the Main Jet.


Mark says:

Unscrewed the main jet cleaned it out and engine fired right up! Thanks for the info.

FredNRedd says:

mine didn't look dirty, i could see through the hole, gave a quick clean, even blew into the hole (this is sounding kinda dirty)…but HELL yeah it worked like a charm!

Christina Furgal says:

I had no idea about this meter. This did the trick and more. Lawn mower runs better today than the last 3 years. Thank you

Stephen Watkins says:


Fred Firestine says:

Thank you! I was stuck with this problem and you helped me get my lawn mowed.

Casey Gray says:

Love the music at the end

chrebetcrunch says:

Awesome video, I was pulling my hair out and now the mower is running smooth.

SecretsKnowMore says:

Worked like a charm – the wife thinks I'm a small engine repair guru now….thanks!

Robert Becerra says:

You know I did the same thing to Took out that little Both Clean it really well even clean the bowl out dried everything off put it back together again and a son of a bitch still cuts off Change a spark plug by the new air filter the son of a bitch's still cuts off

Mike Lipsey says:

Before you go to all this effort, try some Carb cleaner sprayed into the air intake. I did this with my mower, 3 or 4 sprays, waited about 30 seconds, then it started right up.

John Gates says:

I am a little Mechanically inclined. I seen a Craftsman 4.5 Hp for free online. People moved to house and was on side of house. Got it home took blower cleaned debree off all around it. Drained old gas put in new plug and gas.
Cleaned Carb with Carb cleaner then put in some starter fluid into carb..Yup you got it. Had a feeling the issue was what you had said..Cleaned that screw bowl and gasket..Starts..
Thanks for the refresher ..
Total price 12 bucks plug and Air Cleaner.. Keep up the good work. Excellent Video.

Stephen Meade says:

Thanks mate. That just saved me $100 at the lawnmower shop!

LtChicken says:

Your voiceover is WAAAAY too loud compared to the audio from the video you took.

sledge hammer says:

May the force be with you

Sal Mcauley says:

Had the exact same issue! Followed your steps! Started right up! Thank you!!!

G Erg says:

Thank you sir 😊

Kronek Djokich says:

It is a gasket not a washer.

papi352583 says:

I have a green craftsman push mower with the Tecumseh engine with flooding and starting problems. It looks a little different than the one in the video but has the exact carburetor setup. Pulled the carburetor bowl off and found some cloudy gas. Wiped that out and ran a sewing needle through the small holes even thought they didn't look clogged. Started run up afterwards. After this Im going to run an inline fuel filter. This video is the truth. Thumbs up!

jfk1954 says:

What's with the music??

Dawson Dempsey says:

I did what he showed and still didn't work👎

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