How to fix your lawn mower after hitting rock/stump (Briggs/Stratton EX Engine)

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This video shows how to fix your lawnmower after hitting any large objects such as a tree stump, rock or any other material. This repair will fix the flywheel key timing on the Briggs and Stratton EX engine, this principle applies to many other Briggs engines such as Sprint, Quattro, Quantum and Intek series. The cover removal process is more difficult for the older models but the the flywheel key replacement is the same.

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Cole Phail d/b/a Master Productions says:

Big Help, exactly my problem!! Thanks!

kent rinfret says:

I have a Husquavana mower with a Honda engine, is there much difference in doing that same procedure?

Ro says:

Great video, thanks.

Stan Isbell says:

Perfect video. Exactly the right amount of info. Thanks for that!

Matt White says:

Awesome job! Thanks


I juat hit a wet pinecone for the last time and the mower stopped. It wont start any more. I dont think it has compression either. Would that be the flywheel key? Have nit taking it apart yet. Been real busy

Mike Moffitt says:

Thank You,So Very Much For Your Video Post,I Did What Showed me To Do Step by Step,It was Much Easier Then I Thought,I Just Double Checked,my Work on The Lawnmower with Your Video.Everything Looked Like How You Repair That Lawnmower. Thank You Very Much.

Jared Kroh says:

Great video. Easy to follow. Thanks!

David King says:

Hi,great video,i hit stump with my push mover 625 ex,i was sick after it hit ,mower ran so well ,now its almost locked going to check the key first as you showed.thanks

AcesnEights698 says:

Thanks for the video. This was exactly my problem, imploded flywheel and ~10 degree firing error.

Keith Huber says:

Thanks !!! Fixed my problem.

SunWizardYT says:

lol this was a long time agow but i hit a rock and it spits out flames wen i start it and it spits out air evry so often and it hurt my finger cus it didnt putt right 😀 thx for vid

96150coconut says:

Great Vid,
last year my X-girlfriend was mowing the lawn, said she it something hard, and the 2 year old mower was never the same. I plan on fixing it now and this vid is perfect. Here's what the mower started doing after the hit. …. it starts within the first pull or two, runs little sluggish but does cuts the grass…BUT…when I turn the mower off to empty the catcher, the mower will not start back up. I have to wait hours before it will start again. I turned the mower over and the crankshaft is hard to turn. Should it turn easily or is it probably bent crank shaft. And if it needs replacing is it hard to do? Even worth it to do?…
Thanks all, Steve

Michael Barry says:

Struck a stone with my honda mower it stopped when i started again it viberated like mad .Thought something seriously wrong .When i checked about 2 inches gone off the blade what a relief .A bout 25euro for a new blade instead of a new mower

Mike Moffitt says:

Thank You,Your. Video
,I have A Briggs &Stration Mower,Identical to Your Lawn mower in Video. I Had a Bad Feeling , When I Hit a Piece of Metal in high grass Grass,And Lawn Mower Died.I let it cool down &Tried to start the Lawn Mower & it Backfired.So Thank You.I Now Know What problem was &How to Fix It with Your Video,Thank You Again,Michael

Time Warp 2280 says:

To long to get to the point. Impossible to follow along

Chuck Mayes says:

Great video spot on !!!

Solely Chefy says:

Omg thank you!! My mother was about to send her mower to a mechanic and the day before she was going to I decided to take a look at it. Followed your video step by step and there it was. A broken key. Ordering it today and should have it back together by Tuesday.

Jason Echols says:

I'm having same issue except no backfire no sound of attempting to start just wont start after my helper hit a stump or something

Greyhaired Phantom says:

Briggs & Stratton engines have, for many years been designed so the flywheel key sheers when the engine comes to a sudden stop. It is to minimise damage to the engine and components.

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