Lawn-Boy Push Mower No Start Condition- General Information

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Lawn-Boy Push Mower No Start Condition- General Information.


Curiosity says:

Gotta say out of all the small engine repair videos I have watched in the past (Numerous) , that has got to be the worst carb design I have seen! Bar none.. Wow!

knighthawk86855 says:

Great video, I subscribed, one thing I will mention to anyone cleaning this kind of Lawn-Boy carb, is the fact, under the air vane, governor, the long white piece of plastic, under it is a metal spring, it has to be taken apart and dried, cause it rust really bad to the point of breaking, and the white piece of plastic under the governor it adjusts clock wise, if it is taken apart, adjust it 4 to 6 clicks after you put it back together.

Chris Andrade says:

Thank you very much for this video. It was very helpful! One question, …you said you saturated the AIR filter with oil? Could you explain why that's done?

Travis Benoit says:

I replaced mine that was having the same problem.  I didn't feel confident cleaning it myself.

Jeff Jackson says:

Awesome video! I have the same mower. It starts fine when cold, but will NOT restart once the engine is warm.

Timo Aranjo says:

Great video. Exactly my mower. Thanks for the help.

ibanez1403 says:

is it just me or does it sound tight at 14:42 ?

larryz24 says:

Wow, is there ANYTHING you can't/won't fix? lol I am enjoying your "repair series" videos. It's not remodeling but it's informative and concise. Thanks, and glad to see more from you on the tube.

Audio Tech Labs says:

Great fix! Lawn mowers can be so hard to work on! You certainly made it look easy. The other hard to work on are weed eaters and chain saws! Thankz

bentboybbz says:

Its long Its cumbersome Its difficult to man hoover Especially in tight places…

terry jenkins says:

what a plastic carburetor! well at least it won't corrode from the ethanol!

Rodney C says:

Great vid G!

Jesse C says:

Father in law dropped off a Poulan chainsaw that doesn't work. It's fairly old, the primer bulb completely rotted off at this point, and he had taken it to a small engine shop who told him it had bad compression. I find that very odd, because I took the carb off and the spark plug out, if I cover those two holes and rotate the crankshaft I get plenty of suction on my fingers. Anyways there's quite a few small lines on the chainsaw that carry gasoline around, all of them are either gone or broken into pieces, so I'm going to start with the primer, those lines, and see what happens.

This project isn't far up my to do list, so it could be a while before I do this. Still though, I want to see if it's that simple. I took the carburetor apart, everything looks nice and clean, nothing gummed up or blocking any of the small parts, all the gaskets and seals are in good shape, so I won't get into that unless replacing the fuel lines and primer bulb doesn't work.

MRrwmac says:

Nice work G! Always feels good after you have taken something apart to; not have parts left over, everything went back into place as it came off and most importantly have it run !! Ohh Yeaaa!
Was glad to hear the Simple Green mentioned as it is my second go to cleaner. The wife hates my hands smell when I use my first and best cleaner, you guessed it, good ole gasoline!
Soooo, they have finally gone and done it! The whole darn carburetor is made of plastic (tear sniffle tear sniffle). Gone are the days of American metal and copper! Argggggg. Well enough of my soap box. Thanks for sharing!

terry jenkins says:

"ugh" small engines and ethanol don't mix! the engine on the other mower is a good enough reason for me to keep it. It's a pretty decently made briggs and Stratton engine.

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