Lawn Mower Won’t Start. How to fix it in minutes, for free.

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A simple, inexpensive and very effective lawn mower fix using nothing more than a small wire from a bread bag twisty tie.


As little as $1 would go a long way to helping me make many more, useful videos. Thank you!!!


Anthony Seidl says:

Worked a treet!….thnx man

Pierluc Richer says:

Worked for me 🙂 thx much

Matthew Parker says:

Worked here in the UK

Robery Hannaman says:

Spent 2 hours tryina fix it, nthing, fuccckckkkckckckckAKnriufgsr9uigb

Phil Susie says:

Thanks it worked!!! I have a B&S motor an the screw/bolt is a little different but it worked fine

Nathaniel Adams says:

My lawn mower skeeting gas out of gas tank every time I crank it up what's my problem

Devon Azulay says:

I am going to try this before replacing any more parts! I've done everything except this. I hope it works

bex o says:

you did'nt show how to take off the cover just how to clean the bolt.. but you were shown putting it back on…. ummmmm.. please show all the steps thanks

g guerra says:

This doesn't always work Fyi!

Brad Byron says:

After changing spark plugs, adding oil and spraying carburetor cleaner none of those worked. This DID work thank you. However I also had to run the twistie wire straight up the middle of the carburetor in addition to the bolt holes to get the engine to purr 🐈

Sandris Virsis says:

My lownmover has to slow rpm its anoying

luis castro says:

It really works, thank you soo much, I did exactly the same, I took the carburetor out cleaned it, I put it back on, I put gas and it start right away.

Rikki lee says:

gas melts plastic gas cans?

IamSuave says:

I wish that worked today.

Tyrone Brown says:

Drain gas took out plug as instructed from video and it's working but engine sounds weak…HELP???

Virgo says:

Thank you brother you should be recognized as a true American hero. You help push me to go ahead and work on my machine myself. May the Lord bless you. It worked! I cleaned everything!

Jason K says:

wow awesome trick! thanks

Daniel Weinzapfel says:

I'll have to see if it works with my riding more

Lanh Nguyen says:

you R THE MAN bud I LOVE U

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