Lawn Mower Won’t Stay Running? Briggs & Stratton Carburetor #799866

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This video provides step-by-step instructions for replacing the carburetor on Briggs and Stratton small engines, commonly found in lawn mowers, riding tractors, zero-turn radius mowers, wheeled edgers, pressure washers, and generators. The most common reason for replacing the carburetor is if the engine is hard to start, leaks gas, runs poorly, won’t start or stay running.

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All the information in this carburetor replacement video is applicable to the following brands: Briggs & Stratton

Tools used: flat-head screwdriver, Phillips screwdriver, nutdriver, clamp cutter, socket wrench

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John Cheng says:

Great one, thanks

ALEX TIM says:

New carburator?

L.A. M says:

my toro runs for 3 secs and stalls, but when I want to try it again I have to prime it 3x for it to run for 3 secs, if I don't prime it, it wont turn over. Do I have a dirty gas filter or faulty carb?

cableaddict says:

What about adjusting the new carb? In my experience, they never run right (or at all) unless you make some adjustments.

Donovan Bryant says:

i found one of these engines on the side of the road it had a full tank of gas all i had to do was put some fresh oil in it and it fired up with one pull

onlythewise1 says:

mine don't look like this at all

onlythewise1 says:

make it look so easy

Rene DeVilliers says:

Got a little Dirt and varnish in the carb? throw it the hell away because you hate money!

sandalanalyst says:

it is cheaper now a days with time and parts, to just replace parts though, deal with that alot in the marine industry, we used to disassemble and clean switches and solenoids and other electrical parts, now they get replaced, for dependability and longevity, also parts arent made here, theyre made overseas… CHEAP, so they can be replaced cheaper than repairing

TC Wimbley says:

Men i need your advice! just bought a new mower brand new my lazy son didn't want to cut the yard. Now im out here trying too start my mower but it want start! White smoke bursted out and it shuts off..Any suggestions? please help before i hurt my 14 yr old son lol

Yvette Brauer says:

We are looking for a solution to "the engine starts but when you let the clutch off the engine dies!!  Problem???

Douglas Kretzmann says:

excellent video, thank you – very clear..

Lee Weaver says:

Thank you 😇

Stetson Lyons says:

So i changed my spark plug, carb, and air filter, all brand new.. it fixed the putting and smoke but now it only runs for maybe 5 min then dies and wont start up at all? What do i doooo?

sskyking1 says:

A video by someone who sells carburetors.  The real problem 90% of the time is a clogged fuel jet which is in the half-inch nut on the bottom of the fuel bowl (or just water in the bowl itself, both of which can be easily fixed by removing nothing but that nut and fuel bowl assembly, which can be reached from the front without removing anything else.  Sad part is that the entire issue could've been prevented by the use of an in-line fuel filter which they didn't build in.

Dr. Covfefe says:

Than hava a beer or 12

Paul Brown says:

There was no need to replace the carb. just clean it and it should be fine unless you want to rebuild it. The gasket was ok, no need to replace that either. This is all wrong, do a little work for a change and stop screwing the customers for new parts when they don't need them.

Reid Wallace says:

This wasn't much of a repair. He just replaced a part rather then fixing anything.

annonomous me says:

I could save I money on the carb… that little nut on the bottom of the carb isn't just a nut it's a fuel jet clean that mofo out and install it back ur lawn mower is running again

AngryJoeMan says:

since we're just replacing things rather than fixing them, why not save all the troubles and just buy a new mower?? better still send someone else out to buy it for you and have them mow the lawn…

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