Lawnmower won’t stay running??? Clean the carburetor.

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Be sure and disconnect the spark plug BEFORE you start working on your lawnmower.


Lee Bannister says:

Awesome video, really helped me to fix my mower for the first time. Another addition needed for this video is mentioning that screwing on the gas cap too tight can cause a vacuum effect and prevent the gas from flowing.

Jason Poe says:

I can hear you, bro.

656565 656565 says:

Buy a Honda engine. You won't need any of this

rojones01 says:

You were very thorough. Nice job. But no need to take it apart in my case. Pulled top cover off motor so i could look at top of carb. When it started, i noticed the plastic piece on top of the carb was not moving. I pushed it forward and it stayed running. So i sprayed up under it with starting fluid to clean it. Runs great and took less then 5 minutes. May want to try that first. Would like to talk with you about my friends zero turn. Was running fine. Shut it off. Now won't start. Has gas and spark. Good plug. Thinking one of the safety devices.

Suhmer Friday says:

Not meaning to be rude, bu there are some idiots out there that would just buy a new one.

Me…….I too cheap for that…. XD


Good job brother!!!

Kurlee Daddee says:

I spent 2 hours screwing around with my mower. Watched this vid and took the carb off. Sprayed it with a half can of carb cleaner. Put it back together. Filled the carb with gas. And 3 cranks it was back to normal. Thanks!!!!

almari222 says:

Thank you for posting your video. You helped me fix my mower and saved me money, too. This is what makes YouTube great. Thanks, again.

Larry Das says:

Thank you, saved me the time of pulling the carburetor completly off. Running like a charm now

ben pirouzi says:

THANK YOU for the video

Berry Benton says:

Brodie Sanchez you're retarded

Derrick Boseman says:

I got a push mower. Troy bilt. It will not start unless i pour gas in carburetor can anyone help

Edwin Edmonds says:

Although this video gives a short on how to service and clean the carb This video is not as described It doesn't tell you crap about how to fix your mower if it starts but won't stay running. Was a complete waste of time.

EP's EZ Fixits says:

thank you for the compliments

I hate google says:

I have found it is usually a clogged jet from being stored over winter with gas in the tank.
Pull off the float bowl and run a tiny wire through the jet to clean it.

Mars Bandit says:

Found  a similar mower….did the same thing…worked like a charm…….Great video

waywardskypup says:

It would only take one static electric spark to ignite that gas! You are flirting with disaster! Please drain tank first and move gas away from working area.

James Penk says:

it worked, you da MAN!!!!

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