Mower Won’t Start Clean New Plastic Style Briggs Carburetors – Troy Bilt MTD Craftsman 550 EX

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These are the new design all plastic carbs briggs and stratton is putting on all new lawn mowers. T


Hank's Small Engine Repair says:

I am glad this video has helped so many of you fix your equipment. If you want to buy the jets (white piece I take out and clean) instead of cleaning them.
Briggs PN: 592792 This can be ordered from any lawn and garden store or online at sites like ereplacementparts, repairclinic or ebay.


The first time you have to take this carb apart, drill thru the jet with a 0.012" drill bit. then the jet won't be prone to clogging, and the engine will run better and stronger……the EPA reg's make these carbs run way too lean, which is remedied once you overbore the main jet.

yolars69 says:

Thank you Hank! Now I can mow my lawn.

Chanda Christian says:

This was PERFECT, mower was BRAND NEW last year but after heavy heavy rain it will start n not run….know what I'm doin tomarrow. THANK YOU for the video

macknumber9 says:

These carbs are such a pain in the ass….i cleaned the hell out of the Briggs 300 series 125cc carb and it surges….i am going to try it again though and let it run for 20 minutes but if that doesn't do it I'm going to have to take apart this carb again…i suspect one of the ports that is closest to the intake is clogged cuz it had a very dirty air filter…i think I should use compressed air next time through those ports…

jolanda asare says:

very helpful video thank you.

Master G Jasuwan says:

I have this exact same Carb on my troy built. This mower is almost band new and I'm already having fuel issues. Looks like my CARB is dirty and the gas just isn't getting to the engine. This is the exact video that I needed to clean this carb, but after watching that I'm not 100% if I should do it right now — I probably should have drained the fuel like you said — I'm a little high off gas fumes right now….. Well, I'm going to go back at it. Hopefully nothing blows up.

Craig Kautsch says:

Hank! I followed every step And the damn thing started like a rent
car! Super awesome… Thanks man!

left 4him says:

Thanks so much for helping folks!!
My Briggs troy built tb 280 es ..starts fine but 2 min into it begins running like it will die never does starts fine tho …tried new gas …got me I will try the carb …thanks again dude !!!

Josh Howat says:

I am, what I would consider, is sub par mechanic. You made this job So simple for me to achieve. Thank you so much

isaac robledo says:

Hello!! Hey buddy hope you can help me out. My mower runs but sounds and feels as if it were going to turn off.

Bryan Wilson says:

thanks for the video, just saved me $30.00

Patricia Canaan says:

Thank you! This is the fix I needed and I’m back up mowing away! Just and FYI, I was able to clean the clogged jets/ports using a stripped bread twist tie (the kind with a central metal wire). I suppose and very thin sewing needle would also work provided it’s thin enough to pass without boring out the hole to a larger diameter.

Myerk19 says:

You just saved me 40-50$ at least! I don't know anything about motors but I followed your video exactly and it worked first pull! 3.97$ for carb cleaner and that's it. Thank you, great video!

Victorian Sculptures says:

Man, talk about CHEAP crap- all PLASTIC carbs now??? built-in disposability when the plastic inevitably cracks somewhere rendering the whole mower unusable! Used to be all metal carbs with a simple one bolt to remove the bowl and jet. I was amazed to find PLASTIC gears inside a Briggs engine, wow, talk about real crap and we wonder why most people consider Briggs and Tecumseh to be disposable crap- plastic carb, plastic gears what could possibly go wrong?!

Erick Salgado says:

Awesome tutorial, my mower is back up and running even better than before !!!!, THANK YOU !!!!, You save ME buying a new one !!!!

V J says:


Nicholas Laskowski says:

Thank you for posting this, I googled earlier and found no results, so I assumed the plastic carb parts were not something I could work on, just replace. This video saved me having to take two mowers to the shop for repairs $$$. Taking the carb apart was easy, at first I thought the parts were molded together. Awesome and they are running like champs!

Google User says:

Corporate greed trumps making a mower that lasts……….People should boycott these companies till they return to making engines that last instead of plastic garbage designed to fail!

Mike Pribble says:

This is exactly what I needed Hank.  I have a TB200 that has been fluctuating.  Cleaned out the card and it did the trick.  I need to change the spark plug, do you know by chance what the gap should be?  Excellent video sir.

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