OIL EVERYWHERE and a TORO LAWNMOWER that Won’t START or RUN. Repair a BRIGGS 7.25 hp Engine

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Jeff’s Little Engine Service troubleshoots a TORO LAWN MOWER that is covered in oil and WILL NOT START or RUN. HOW TO TROUBLESHOOT a Briggs and Stratton Engine. Common procedure for most LAWNMOWER SMALL ENGINES.
Music by my band BonzaiRod “Staging Lane”
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1keykneedeep says:

Jeff – you must be a rich man from all the Briggs equipment that comes thru your door.

Paul Govensky says:

Well got the mower going and it burned off the oil. I installed my carb on it from my mower. Cranked up first pull. Now I am going to have to swap out the EZ Walk. The rear tired are constantly going…

Paul Govensky says:

Hey Jeff, good and quick thinking on over filling. I have one now that I picked up. This mower did have a soaked air filter and oil was also present on the exhaust as well. I had thought about maybe the valve seat was not set. I had to replace the brake cable first prior to pulling anything. I did pull the plug and oil came shooting through. I will let you know how things turn out.

Rafael Cervantes says:

awesome video

757WN says:

Jeff….you literally hit EVERY ISSUE I had. You are a gem, thank you.

Richard Possert says:

Saved me a trip to the repair shop. Thanks for the informative video! Spot on!

Osvaldo Cintron says:

Thanks bud, I take it the same applies to a new pressure washer the Im sure I put way too much oil in to as I have a filter full of oil. Simple fix. Thanks

damage1_1 says:

You clearly are "The Mower Man"

damage1_1 says:

you didn,t explain what if the engine is locked out by oil in the bore? my engine was, cleared oil and checked oil so started it up…smoked like crazy then stopped. Could it be drawing oil from crankcase up into bore?
Would that be a piston or ring fault?

eath nowen says:

Always wipe the dipstick then re check 😕😩

lromeroyt says:

i did all this and it still doesn't run!!! I changed the spark plug as well, removed all the oil, cleaned, etc etc, and nothing!

BUT I Have found why it was not working!! Because of the wire (on the left ) that was damaged! so the spark plug was not sparking since this wire needed to be replaced. Once done, it worked great!!

Gutslinger says:

My problem: I tipped the lawn mower onto it's side a few times to remove the blade and sharpen it, oil stick side down. After putting the blade back on, I had problems with it not starting. The pull rope was giving me the trouble you describe here. I took the filter off and found it saturated in a lot of oil. I also noticed some oil in the carb, and some even leaking out of the exhaust. I knew the oil was already low before I found that it leaked everywhere, so I put more oil in it. I let it set a few days and tried pulling the rope again, but still had trouble with it.

After I watched this video, I went out and found that I indeed had put way too much oil in it. I drained it to the proper level, as shown in the video. When I tipped the mower back on it's wheels, I noticed the exhaust leaked some oil onto the mower deck. I removed the spark plug and pulled on the rope multiple times, but I didn't have any oil shoot out of the plug hole. I cleaned and checked the spark plug, and it was still creating a spark. So I put it back in and tried starting it again. But, it was still being tough to pull, and occasionally would lock up mid-pull. I took the spark plug out multiple times to find that it's still getting saturated with oil. I cleaned it, and repeated the starting process.

The last few times that I tried starting it, it started to finally puff out a little bit of white smoke, but it's still giving me problems with locking up. I'm currently in a rut on not knowing what to do next.

Krym 98 says:

Thanks for the vid. Was getting ready to send it in for $65 + parts repairs because of all the oil leakage. I think it’s obvious I put too much oil. This is going to cut my repair cost to just a new $10 filter.

Jay Dee says:

had same problem I did everything an got a new filter an spark plug an ready to put new filter an call it done an try to turn it put an my luck I miss place that white bone looking color plastic that I supposed helps air go thru from hole to carburetor is it save to turn lawnmower on to test it an possibly use it till I buy one? sorry for the way I explain everything I'm no lawnmower mechanic what so ever

Tobias Valasquez says:

I lifted my mower the wrong way today. I wish I would have seen this vid sooner. Lol. Thanks for sharing. This is a good and informative vid.

Josh Dollins says:

what are your thoughts jeff on kobalt electric mowers bought one used and love the lack of maintenance and issues (other than battteries and charging)

Josh Dollins says:

my family still owns a kohler engined toro thing has been great going on 7 years now

Joshua Abrams says:

The oil leaking at the end is normal and stops I assume?

Jerome Cook says:

I am 66 years old and I have never in my life bought an air filter for any of my lawn equipment. I use foam packing material. I have a tiller that is 34 years old and it has the same spark plug it came with from the factory. You don't have to change sparks plugs every 5 minutes.

Berry Benton says:

Jeff your doing a fantastic job

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