Riding Lawnmower Won’t Start or Run Right? WATCH THIS!

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How to replace and tune a Briggs and Stratton riding lawn mower carb. This is a Craftsman LT 2000. Typically, you would clean and rebuild your riding lawn mower’s carburetor. However, sometimes it is cheaper and easier to just buy a replacement carburetor. TOOL LINKS BELOW
LINK TO BUY CARB: http://amzn.to/2iH0sRF (Check the parts diagram for part #) BUY CARB REBUILD KIT: http://amzn.to/2iGRDqO

LINK TO BUY CARB REBUILD KITS: http://amzn.to/2iswmli

You should be able to find your carb on Amazon for cheaper than the online parts stores.
After you get your carb installed, it has to be properly tuned in order for your mower to run properly.

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TacticsTechniques&Procedures says:

You're the only one mentioning that adjustment on the carburetor. Thank you for the in-depth information. I will keep that in mind when working on the carb.

Tim Nichols says:

Mower works great for our yard, real easy to start and operate>>>t.co/4Treg0uK7y the TC-1 Tractor Cover is just right for this mower also.

Eric Jones says:

How much did that carb cost ya

Tyrell Clark says:

Matt, one of the best carb change out on a LT2000 that I have found on youtube. Thanks for all the info on how to adjust after installing.

Magic .Mark says:

So I am clear, the fuel mixture is done with warm engine and throttle lever is at half? Also, I am curious, what am I looking for when adjusting the idle screw. What is the procedure?

Big AL says:

Thanks Matt for these tips. I just replaced my carb on my tractor but I was unaware of all the adjustments that are needed. I installed everything mechanically correctly but haven't gotten her to start yet undoubtedly because I missed a few of these key points. I know just enough to be dangerous! Thanks again for the video.

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