Troy Bilt Lawn Mower Model TB200 625EX Series Engine – Final Look & Start Part II – April 14, 2018

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This is the final look and start of this Troy Bilt model TB200 that I had gotten on our local Nextdoor classified. The owner got an electric lawn mower, this Troy Bilt was in really nice condition and discovered it had an upside down blade on it. Corrected that cleaned it up and added a grass catcher I had it was missing. Runs great just cleaned that air filter for now and it seems to run much better!


Saphira20006 says:

I love this little mower.>>>    It picks up and mulches grass, leaves, pine needles, small sticks. I used this all through the winter until it snowed to keep the leaves off and hopefully help the grass this spring. So far so good. The bag folks and is easy to empty. Quick to fold and put in the shed.

TylerBear says:

I just bought this mower and have used in twice. I hit a rock which caused it to shut off. Now it is shaking violently. Even making the gas cap fall off. Can you help

Zinn's Tiger Town Mowers says:

I used to have one I ran it til I decided I didn’t want it. Surely bent my shaft twice. It served me well

M Gomez says:

If I fix a mower for someone I will clean it up and they notice that when I return them. They will throw a little extra in.

Scott Martorelli says:

Looks like brand new! Awesome job!

Ashurii says:

Yes I agree, now with the blade on properly, it will actually mow grass. Believe it or not, its actually very common when people install blades in the wrong direction. They confuse seeing the blade edge facing them as correct when its incorrect. The correct position of the blade, is when you can't see the blade edge, because its facing up, not down. You sure cleaned that mower up nice, and I think its most certainly ready for sale. I've had a few people tell me I should clean up all the mowers I service, but that is not realistic. I don't own the mowers, I am simply servicing them, I am not selling them, so I have 0 responsibility in cleaning them up. But most of the mowers you seem to work on, are mowers you own and are selling, so in that regard, it makes sense that you are cleaning them up. Anyways, that engine runs good, should find a new home easily for 120 dollars.

John Preuss says:

That Briggs engine/Troy blit cleaned up great look forward to seeing the video on another project.

knighthawk86855 says:

Very nice cleanup.

reginald lawrence says:

Wow looks great.

tony macdonald says:

Hi Cliff you got really lucky with this one its very nice. Its common for people to put the blade on wrong. Bet your looking for the next one already. All the best to you.

Pete Froud says:

Very nice . Blade on wrong a lot of people do it . Had one last year had the same issue cutting like new happy days.

BronzeChicken says:

I love these engines, I have a 450E that's great, the carbs are cheapening down too, I found one new for $20 at Home Depot, free shipping to store, I have two others I got used and a 300E too, so I'm sorta seeing these come in used vs last year when I never saw one being tossed, I guess they've been out five years now.

Alan Marshall says:

Looks & runs like new Cliff!

Herfortz says:

Awesome work on this gem Cliff.

Joe Rockme says:


Jacksons Inflatable Channel says:

those newer style engines are awesome

J&R's Mower repair and lawn care says:

Man those new briggs engines are excellent

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