Used Craftsman and MTD mower problems

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In this video I’m going to go over popular nortorious problems that are associated
with a couple of different mowers that are manufactured by two different companies but what I’m going over will cover quite a few different models in the case of the MTD mower it will cover the brand mowers such as ace air cap Atlas Big O Bolens Central Park newer craftsman crusader cub cadet Garden King garden way Troy Bilt hardware Hank husky lawn chief lawn Hawk Lowes Malmo Mastercraft mastercut MTD pro Penn craft Power Pro Ranch king Remington Ryobi service star signature statesman Town and Country trim king turf king turf power turf pro Western Sun white outdoor wizard Wolf Garten yard boss Yard Machines and finally yardman on the Craftsman model because it is older it was made by American yard products also known as a AYP which was purchased by Electrolux and they made mowers such as rally ariens Poulan Pro weedeater and also now Electrolux has purchased Husqvarna.


jim Sandberg says:

One of the best videos I've seen!

Colleen Mystic says:

I have a 2002 GT3000 where is the carburetor located?

William Wynn says:

You forgot one of most important things about the Crapman mower. I got one that looks just like yours. And it is a 42 in deck. Well my belt broke. I raise the seat an theres a sticker or should I say part of a sticker. And if you do not have that model number your shit out of luck. The guys at the mower shop just looked at me like a monkey tring to do a math problem. An said, We can't help you if you do not have a model number. I was able to make out this much of the model number 917.271??2 It's a LT1000 Briggs 17.5 with a 42in

Finn Campeau says:

Good video but why do you call hydrostatic tracmissions hydro-stat? 😂

paula bassett says:

nobody likes you

Rusty Nuckles says:

I really wish you would have shown the PTO setup on the Yard Machines mower.
The setup looks identical to a Statesman 46" I'm working on that is missing the model number sticker under the seat and it is impossible to find any information as to which PTO belt goes on it.
I ended up putting a NAPA B63 on it which is actually a 64" belt but the only model number I can find calls for a 60" belt.

Grantinator says:

The yard machine is the same thing as my 2002 troybilt except my troybilt has an 18 hp Briggs intex single it runs and cuts great

Donovan Bryant says:

i found a craftsman mower at a junkyard it was badly beaten up but it has a 20 hp Opposed twin Flathead im gonna go back soon and buy the opposed twin for my Murray racing mower

Edd Elmes original music says:

I have a Lawnflite 756 MTD ride-on mower. Problem is the foot pedal (clutch ) seems to be jammed and won't move except when I release the multiple gear lever the pedal shoots back about half-way . If I start the mower and put it into gear to move, there is a big bang. I only really need this now for towing a trailer so if I remove the cutting deck would this solve the problem? Any help appreciated.

George says:

I have the green Yard Machine mower you used in this video. I'm having some problems. Sometimes, the mower will not go out of forward or reverse with the gear and continues to move without my foot on the pedal. This is an intermittent problem and is resolved when I shake the mower while I'm sitting on it. The other problem I have is the deck shifter will not engage at times. If I bring the shifter up to 5, it will come one and I can then lower the deck and mow. Any suggestions?

Ken Jett says:

Good video but i have encountered 2 issues not mentioned with these. I had a Craftsman 42 inch mower and transaxle was a huge problem. Ran it 5 years and went through 3 transaxles. The main bearing on the main powershaft in the case would not hold up and would destroy the Pittman gear inside.
Secondly i own a troy bilt big red horse garden tractor and the tractor has minor issues but overall i still like the tractor. The problem is i need a replacement deck 50 inch cut. Seems few of these were built over 4 years and i can not find a new deck. I mow 3+ acres and after 8 years my deck is just worn out. If you or anyone knows any option on a deck would be appreciated.

thestephen8 says:

rnHi l have craftsman LT1000 and wen l turn the steering fully to the left the tyre rubs off the deck any idea what might be rong ?

Doug Kirchner says:

I need your help lol i have a 98 ranch king pro it will not attempt to start. Ive bypassed the safety switchs and made sure the engine isnt siezed.. but the starter still wont so much as click

Ted Bishop says:

Good video I have a cub cadet 2176 it has a kohler command horizontal crankshaft v-twin with shaft drive it is a beast. It was made by MTD but is a heavy duty machine Mows and snowblows for me in winter over 1200 hours.with no major issues.

FiftyoneFifty says:

Howdy, i have a question for you.. I have a 1998 Craftsman mower, 917 series… Almost identical to the one you show in the beginning of this video. Due to age, im noticing A LOT of worn put parts.. One of them being the mower deck. It has a hell of a sway (left and right) to it. How can i tighten this up? Thanks!

Daniel Boon says:

Hey man, loved the video. I know this was about 4 years ago. But I have a MTD that was given to me. It is a 13AM675G062. I was having a problem after I changed the battery of it only starting and staying running if I jumped it and had a rock on the seat to keep it down. If I got up or removed the rock I couldn’t start it again unless I jumped it. I changed the fuse and solenoid under the panel between the legs. It has the F N R in between the legs. Tried to jump to get it going and absolutely nothing with no sound. All the wires seem to be intact and I tried to roll it and it was stuck like it was not in neutral. I’m not sure if these won’t start if not in neutral or not but I’m assuming they do. Do I need to make sure the pulleys are on as well as make sure the transmission link is in the position it needs to be when i move the lever from F N and reverse? May sound dumb but thanks for any input!

gracie charleston says:

Hello!!! Great video!! I have a question for you. My john deere is in the shop so I am using my aunts Huskee 140CC riding mower that she bought at Tractor Supply. . I was mowing just yesterday and my grass had gotten pretty high so I was hitting some branches in the yard. I didn't want to walk the yard cuz I had saw some black snakes out in the yard the day before. Well after about 2 hours of mowing, the blades would not disengage!! There is a lever right beside the lift/lower the deck lever and the I lifted up and the blades were still spinning even in reverse!! Also, I noticed that I had lost power. When I moved the speed lever there was no change. I am gonna look at it closer but I may have to take it to the repair shop. I have about an acre or so and now both riding mowers are down!! I could still mow with the Huskee even though there was a problem. any tips.

Yousef Ghalib says:

Thanks for the video. I have a 2014 Cub Cadet LTX 1040. While the PTO is engaged and lower the deck the blades slow down especially lower than 7 and barley spin on level1. I replaced the belt and the 2 spindles with no luck. Do you think the PTO control cable needs to bone replaced?

Bowman W says:

Mtd is junk

FiftyoneFifty says:

Thanks for the video. My uncle just gave me a mower almost identical to the first craftsman. I believe it's a mid-90s 19hp (917 model?) that is currently getting the carb cleaned out… is the shepherd's hook the only big concern with these mowers?

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