Weedeater starts but dies. Easy quick fix.

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This trimmer will not rev up when the trigger is depressed. All it needed was a little more gas and I made a special tool to help me out.
Here’s a link to a video where I explain how I made it.

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David Straile says:

Worked perfectly for me. Thanks

Don Hurst says:

go electric

Don Hurst says:

I turned my wife counter clockwise and she works great. Thanks. Baby on the way.

stanley king says:

Now that was comprehensive !

Rolando Bernal says:

I have a toro weed eater and when i get it too run it is running it is on the highest rev and when I let go of the throttle it dies

clayton wayman says:

whats the song at the beginning of the video

Norwich Airforce#1 says:

Not good at all. This video showed me nothing. Just wasting my time watching it. Please if your gonna make a VIDEO, make one thats good that's usable now because this is just a piece of junk video that absolutely shows nothing.

William Perkins says:

so if mine would stay running as long as yours, and if I knew where the carborator is, and if I had your special tool, I could get mine going. Thanks for nothing

Abe Lincoln says:

So many issues.. The "tool" (not the "user") and if you get a Commie-fornia model, the adjustment screw holes are filled in. Then, lastly, fuel with ethanol in it… 2-cycle killer! Go electric… Save your sanity….. Says this dead prez…..

Adrian Young says:

my weed eater doesnt have the adjustment

David Roberts says:

Try’s getting my strimmer it would not go nice 👍 video David

Devrim Ekici says:

I don't have an adjustment skree and is ThAt adjustment skrew for the fuel and air mix

Daryl C says:

Worked! Used a screwdriver and forced that adjustment screw 1/2 turn counterclockwise. Thanks soooo much!!!

TopFin says:

Another problem is that it is a Bolens.

e walt says:

Why is the carburetor adjustment screw out of adjustment in the first place?

Jason Barnum says:

Great video! Thanks for the help.

Jim Young says:

Yeah, dude, this video is WORTHLESS without showing how the tool is made. Geez. I tried needle nose pliers and everything else I had. Think about your audience.

rodeo o says:


Fencepot says:

I know how to fix it another way. U let it warm up.

Leo says:

Mine won't idle but when too but when it's running it runs very rough. It shakes, almost like a misfire but not really. I'm not sure

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